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9 Dec

With Jurassic World being such a blockbuster hit lately, I really wouldn’t at all be surprised that kids would start getting obsessed over it all over again, as they were during the 90s! Parents, prepare yourselves for a barrage of “I want Jurassic World this” and “I want Jurassic World that”–you know you’re going to be asked for a lot of things related to the franchise!

One such thing you’ll likely find yourself getting asked for is a Jurassic World based children’s party–a lot of kids are going to want a birthday party with dinosaurs! But that’s where you’ve lucked out, because this website is dedicated 100% to dinosaur themed birthday parties. Continue reading “Jurassic World Based Children’s Party”

9 Oct

Dinosaurs on their own are extremely fun–that’s why children love them. As a child I personally adored them, growing up with little dinosaur toys, colouring books, and even clothes… it just made my childhood so much more fun and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

I particularly enjoyed playing make believe as a child as I played with my dinosaur stuff. But what really makes it all so much more awesome is the fact that dinosaurs just always filled me with so much wonder. Every day with them was a wondrous experience that simply made me ask so many questions and get so curious.

The BEST of Discovery’s Dinosaurs

When I was a kid I did get to attend many educational kids parties of varying themes. But the thing that kind of makes me sad is the fact that I never got to attend one themed around dinosaurs, which is why I’m still maybe a little bit hung up on that one. I want to share so much of my knowledge and my passion with kids these days. Fortunately one of my closest friends has just recently asked me to plan an educational dino party for the kids.

The thing is, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity because I can’t really wait to teach kids, using dinosaurs as a teaching tool. How exactly can I do that and what exactly can I learn? Well…

museumWhat Can Kids Learn from Dinosaurs?
There are quite a few things that kids these days can learn and pick up just from having an interest in dinosaurs. As a kid it was how I distinguished between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Apart from that, it was how I really learned about evolution–I always had been interested to find out about how the world’s first dinosaurs evolved and came around.

On top of this, I also loved learning about archaeology and the way they dug for fossils and then consequently preserved them once they were found.

Fostering a Love for Museums and History
Aside from all the things I mentioned above about the things that they can learn, they can also learn to love museums simply because of the fact that most dinosaur displays are found in them.

dinosaurAs a child I would always go to see the dinosaur displays and end up leaving knowing so much more information not only about dinosaurs, but also about other creatures and events in history past. It really made it fun learning about the things our world have gone through and have served as a habitat for.

Fostering a Love for Science
And naturally… when I was younger I wasn’t all that much of a fan of science as a subject and as a whole. But as I’ve grown older surrounded by dinosaurs, all sorts of other creatures, archaeology and all other forms of science… I couldn’t help it–I just ended up falling in love with science. I’m sure your children will too.